The Equitox Plan
Here are your meal planners, shopping lists and supplement guides to help you embark on your Equitox smoothly.
Spring: Detox Season for a Reason
Why detoxing at the Spring Equinox makes so much more sense! by Monica Wilde
Get Set, Go!
Ready to start your spring detox? Here's a few words of encouragement
Put a Spring in Your Step
What is a detox and why should I do it? Patricia and Angela, our nutritional therapists explain what its all about.
Shed Your Winter Coat
Here on day 3 we're getting psyched up and prepared for this year's Equitox by cleaning out and decluttering the cupboards, and preparing mind, body and our environment. Making the most of our natural circadian drive for a fresh, new, clean spring time.
Revitalise Your Skin & Lymph
Dry skin brushing makes us feel great and makes our skin look fabulous. Find out from Patricia and Angela why it is a good idea to start during our Equitox detox.
Eat your Veggies
We can't emphasise enough how important vegetables are. Here's a reminder of all their incredible health benefits.
Spice Things Up
Everyone needs a little spice in their life. The good news is that you get many health benefits by including herbs and spices in your cooking. Patricia and Angela take us through 'what’s what' for some of the more popular spices.
Go Nuts
A timely reminder of the amazing health benefits of nuts.
Overcoming Obstacles
Detoxing isn’t always easy. While it makes you feel amazing, there can be a few side effects along the way. Here's how to handle them.
Fresh Start, Fresh Approach
Today is a beginning. Every day is a new day and today we're discussing a fresh approach. A successful detox isn't just about diet and food but about other aspects of life as well.
Love Your Liver
Your liver is so important even though it's out of sight. Here are some tips for looking after it to keep in mind.
Castor Oil Packs
A guide to how to make and use a castor oil pack to support your liver. Castor oil packs are great for drawing toxins out the body due to the flow of lymph increasing throughout the body. This speeds up the removal of toxins surrounding the cells and reduc
Detoxifying Kelp Smoothie
Here's a fabulous smoothie drink made with powerhouse super seaweed. And, it does taste delicious too!
Detoxing the House
DIY Natural Spring Cleaning. If you don't like synthetic fragrances and spending a small fortune on household cleaning products - one for every occasion - make your own. It's much simpler than you might imagine and you still get great results.
Self Reflection
In our fast paced lives we are doing so many things at once and jumping from one activity to another. Slowing down and being able to breathe in our crazy lives is not the easiest thing to do. Here are some thoughts to help you.
Embrace Fibre
We are always hearing that fibre is good for us, but exactly why is that? Nutritional therapists Patricia and Angela give us the lowdown on the why and the how.
Sleep Sweet Sleep
Sleep is very important and especially during a detox. Without it you may feel more tired and irritable. Don't be cranky, listen to your body. Here are some tips on getting to sleep and enjoying sweet sleep ….
Go Green
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. We love the variety of tastes too. Here we guide you around the different options.
Let's Sweat
From Swedish saunas or hot springs in Iceland, to Native American sweat lodges. Sweating has been part of our culture for thousands of years. We take a look at the benefits of sweating.
Drink Yourself Clean
Some of the benefits of juicing in combatting toxins.
Environmental Toxins
Is your home, office or school harming your health? We are surrounded by environmental toxins, some of which are cancer-causing chemicals and endocrine disruptors that may cause distress or disease to our bodies.
Post Spring Equitox
Congratulations on finishing your Sping Equitox Detox. Here are some thoughts to take with you.
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