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~   E V E R Y   C L I N I C   C O U N T S   ~

Every Clinic Counts Campaign

Napiers is working with the charity Standing Voice to save the lives of East African people with an inherited skin condition called albinism. You can make a huge difference as even the smallest amount can help to save lives.

East Africa is one of the hottest places on earth. It receives over 8 hours of intense sun a day. Without the protective skin pigment melanin, ultraviolet light penetrates the skin leaving it blistered and burnt. Albinism is a genetically inherited condition that prevents melanin being made in the skin. Africans with albinism are one of the most vulnerable groups in the world to skin cancer – their biggest killer.

Musa, an East African child with albinism

Lack of knowledge, sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats and protective clothing result in epidemic rates of this otherwise preventable disease. Without Standing Voice’s skin cancer programme this child statistically only has a 2% chance of reaching the age of 35 due to skin cancer. But the early signs of skin cancer are preventable and treatable - if caught early enough - and it only costs £9 for one life-saving treatment session. 
Standing Voice distributes vital information, sunscreen and protective clothing to people with albinism as a first-line defense against skin cancer. They also work with their outreach clinics to directly provide life-saving cryotherapy treatment that saves lives by treating pre-cancerous cells on the spot as well as referring those experiencing the full force on skin cancer for surgery. Standing Voice funds this life-saving surgical intervention. 
Cryotherapy is the first, essential step in front-line preventative treatment and around 80% of people with albinism that arrive at each new location they work in require cryotherapy. However, there is not enough equipment to equip all the clinics and not enough clinics.
Standing Voice and Napiers are working together to provide the vital equipment needed to deliver preventative cryotherapy treatment. We want you to help us to open clinics, purchase cryoguns, liquid nitrogen tanks and liquid nitrogen.

J U S T  G I V I N G

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So far...

22 operational clinics

2,476 people screened

4 monthly monitoring


With your help...

15 new clinics

37 clinics in total

5,000 people reached


Help us reach every person with albinism in East Africa.

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