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Napiers Sinus Rub Cream

Napiers Sinus Rub Cream

Napiers Sinus Rub Cream

Sinus Rub

An old heritage herbal skin cream that is found very soothing and pleasant by those with sinus congestion. 

This rub combines Myrrh and Lobelia, absorbed transdermally into the skin around the nose and cheekbones. 

The scent of essential oils Eucalyptus and Lavender are inhaled and soothe skin in the nasal passage and sinus cavities to make breathing more comfortable.

Customer Reviews (2)
by masesi sindane submitted on 09/05/2018
It's helps me a lot on 2016 that's why I love it
Sinus rub
by Lindyloo submitted on 29/10/2015
If you suffer from regular bouts of sinusitis like I do I would recommend this product. It is amazing and I wouldn't be without it. Small enough to pop into your handbag too!

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