Neurodiversity Clinic

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term for the range of neurodiversity (brain) developmental differences in how people process information and learn. It includes the autism spectrum, Asperger's, dyslexia, attention deficits and others. While these are sometimes referred to as 'hidden disabilities', the term neurodiverse has been adopted by many people, groups and organisations to acknowledge that people ARE all different in many ways and to emphasise the strengths and assets as well as challenges of individuals.

Napiers Neurodiversity Clinic

The Neurodiversity Clinic supports individuals seeking help and advice on any area of health and wellbeing, including anxiety and depression and other mental health concerns, as well as the full range of general health issues.

Medical herbalist, Catriona Stewart who runs the clinic, has been involved in autism research for over 13 years. Her MSc dissertation, completed in 2004, explored controversies in autism diagnosis and biomedical theories of autism and she was awarded a PhD after completion of a research thesis, which focuses on experiences of girls with Asperger's syndrome and anxiety.

In 2012, Dr Stewart founded Scottish Women's Autism Network: SWAN in partnership with Autism Network Scotland. She is currently working as academic advisor to charity Scottish Autism to develop an online resource for women and girls; she is a member of an advisory group to the National Autism Project, a research initiative.


Catriona Stewart

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