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in Grazia magazine

10 August 2014

Grazia magazineThis week our fabulous Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules were mentioned in an article on detoxing in Grazia magazine.

Lots of women (between 65% and 75% in Britain to be precise), are iodine deficient. This leads to a sluggish metabolism, digestion and other body processes, because iodine is like the battery in the control clock on your central heating system. If the battery runs down, so does everything else. 

Unless you eat
- 1 and a half WHOLE mackerel a day,
- or 3 large glasses of non-organic milk a day,
- or 2 to 3 eggs a day,
you are probably iodine deficient too. Napiers' research with the University of Grazia magazineGlasgow proved that just one capsule a day restores iodine and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels back to normal after 3 days. 

Our study was done on young people (average age was 25) so don't think that you can wait until middle-age to start looking after your thyroid! If you don't have enough iodine now, you're potentially storing up trouble for later on. 

So make seaweed part of your detox and daily diet too!

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Napiers Seagreens Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules
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