Napiers Beauty Therapy

- review by Kenris Macleod

Napiers may be the UK’s oldest herbal brand but the range of herbal treatments certainly doesn’t just begin and end with herbal medicine. You can choose from a wide range of CAM treatments including such staples as Massage, Reflexologyand Acupuncture as well as more specific treatments like Food Sensitivity Testing and Tibetan Healthcare. The list is a long one.

One area into which Napiers has recently been expanding, however, is beauty and skincare and this exciting move is happening on two fronts. Firstly, with the launch of South Korean skincare range, Belif, which uses Napiers formulas as a key ingredient and, secondly, the launch of NAPIERS BEAUTY THERAPY at 18 Bristo Place in the heart of Edinburgh. Put these two things together and you get not only the expansion of Scotland’s best loved purveyor of natural remedies but the birth of a new facial treatment – the Belif Facial.

I knew my skin was in dire need of some TLC so I decided to give the Belif Facial a go as well as seeing what else was on offer at NAPIERS BEAUTY THERAPY. It describes itself as a “results driven skin clinic” with an emphasis on anti-ageing treatments, using such up to the minute systems as Guinot– beloved by celebs. 

Guinot Facial 

Guinot Hydradermieor “The star treatment”is an equally sophisticated facial with the client holding a bar while an electric current is passed through the entire body. Galvanic rollers are used to penetrate the skin with the active ingredients, which come in the form of a gel, and specially tailored to each client. Then a High Frequency current, which is anti-bacterial, warms the face and increases circulation.

It’s especially good for dry skin and if you have oily skin it helps to draw out the oil and impurities and thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates. 

Belif Facial 

As impressive as these treatments are, I decided that want I really wanted was a deeply relaxing experience which would freshen up my complexion at the same time. And for this, I needed the aforementioned Belif Facial.

Belif prides itself in using only the most natural ingredients and you can be sure that what you see on the side of the (modest) packaging is what you’re getting in the product. The therapist discussed my skin with me and was able to tailor a facial to my skin’s specific needs using an array of Belif products.

First she cleansed my skin with Belif Gentle Cleansing Emulsionand followed it with a Bergamot Herbal Toner which felt intensely refreshing. The therapist also used Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb which claims to deliver intense moisturisation to the skin and it certainly felt that way after she’d applied it. 

Moisturising & Firming Eye Cream was also applied and then I was given the world’s most relaxing head massage while all the creams did their work. The whole thing lasted around an hour and was one of the most intensely relaxing things I’ve done in a long time. This is a fantastic and exciting expansion for Napiers. 

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