Herbal Lyme For Practitioners

Treating Lyme, its co-infections and the people who have them

with herbalist Julie McIntyre

and guest lecturers Dr Jack Lambert, Dr Armin Schwartz and Monica Wilde

13, 14 and 15 Nov 2020 • 09:00-17:30 every day

Macdonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh

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This is an intensive training event for practitioners of herbal medicine, naturopathy and medical professionals with an interest in integrated medicine to learn more about how to treat Lyme and its co-infections in great depth, from one of the USA's most experienced herbal practitioners, Julie McIntyre.

This training event is not suitable for patients however patient-focussed events can be found at Lyme Disease Alba. For enquiries or help with Lyme treatment please contact one of the herbalists at Napiers Lyme Clinic, the event host.

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Each of the three days runs from 09:00 to 17:30 as there is a lot to pack in. Your ticket price includes lunch and refreshments during the day, every day. More practical details can be found on EventBrite. The event carries 18 CPD points and a certificate of attendance can be provided. The aim of this course is to help practitioners become fully informed about all aspects of tick-bourne vector diseases such as Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, Rickettsia et al. and how to confidently treat patients both constitutionally and holistically, and also in a very targeted way harnessing the antibiotic and antiviral properties of herbs. We will be covering herbs used in both North America and Europe.

Day One - Fri 13 Nov 2020

Main Speaker

Julie McIntyre
  • Introduction. How to approach this complex subject and think about treating infections, the symptoms and the people who have them.
  • An in-depth look at the infections and diagnosis
  • Prevention and early treatment in acute Lyme
  • The practitioner-patient covenant when treating chronic illness
  • Rationales and building protocols for chronic Lyme in clinical practice

Guest Speaker

Dr. Armin Schwarzbach
  • Blood tests for Lyme and the co-infections
  • Immune and inflammatory markers
  • Which tests to choose
  • Interpreting the test results

Panel Discussion. Qs and As.

  • Questions and answers with Julie McIntyre and Dr Schwarzbach


Day Two - SAT 14 NOV 2020

Main Speaker

Julie McIntyre
  • Tackling ‘the onion’ - where to begin
  • Reducing inflammation and addressing immune function
  • Discerning symptoms and prioritising treatment
  • Navigating difficult territory; patients with special needs, psychological and emotional aspects
  • Addressing neurological symptoms
  • Organ specific herbs and therapies for symptom reduction

Guest Speaker

Dr. Jack Lambert
  • Antibiotic protocols for treating Lyme and its co-infections
  • An integrated approach using herbs to support prescribed medications

Panel Discussion

  • Questions and answers with Julie McIntyre, Dr. Lambert and Monica Wilde


Day Three - SUN 15 NOV 2020

Main Speaker

Julie McIntyre
  • Organ specific herbs and therapies for symptom reduction /continued
  • Supporting blood and circulation
  • Herxing and detoxing
  • Supporting the gut and nutritional needs
  • Co-factors: candida, gut health, molds and viruses
  • Practitioner self-care

Guest Speaker

Monica Wilde
  • Sharing data, tracking outcomes in clinical practice
  • Tracking herbs and drugs for safety and evidence
  • Exchanging learning and supporting each other
  • The herbal clinical trial, taking part.

Panel Discussion

  • Questions and answers to Julie McIntyre and Monica Wilde
  • Thanks and Farewells




Julie McIntyre, Lyme herbalistJulie McIntyre has been a practicing herbalist for over thirty years and has focused on the area of chronic illness and the Lyme disease spectrum of infections for fifteen years. She has become one of the most experienced Clinical Herbalists in this area of infectious diseases and the plant medicines that make a difference, having worked with around 10,000 patients with Lyme. Her clinical case contributions were invaluable to Stephen Buhner, who dedicated all three of his books on Lyme and its co-infections to her.

Julie is known internationally and has worked with people in twenty countries. She also has had a special interest in the study of Gaian systems and human bonding with the Earth - the Nature connection. Her clients, students and the plants have all taught her about the nature of illness, of compassion and caring. They have shaped how she works with people and plants - what works, what does not - and crucially, the difference between being a medical technician and being a healer.


Jack Lambert, Lyme doctorDr. John (Jack) Lambert is Consultant in Infectious diseases in Dublin at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and Professor at UCD School of Medicine. Dr. Lambert has 25 years of experience in Infectious Diseases covering HIV, Hepatitis C, and other disease areas. He has trained in the USA, UK, and worked for 6 years in Baltimore at the John Hopkins Institute and the University of Maryland Institute of Human Virology, where he developed his skills in vaccinology, HIV, and Lyme and co-infections. He has consultant specialty certifications in adult and pediatric infectious diseases, general medicine and pediatrics, and in sexual health (genitourinary medicine).

He currently leads the National Isolation Unit of Ireland, managing all emerging infections, including Ireland's Ebola effort. He currently is the only infectious diseases physician in Ireland managing Lyme and co-infections, and has developed a private practice seeing such patients.


Armin Schwarzbach, Lyme testingDr. Schwarzbach is a Medical Doctor and the founder and CEO of ArminLabs, Augsburg, Germany. He has specialised in diagnostic tests and treatment options for patients with tick-borne diseases for over 20 years now. Having studied biochemistry, pharmacy and medicine, Dr. Schwarzbach developed the worldwide first Radioimmunoassay (RIA) for human Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide (hGIP) from 1986 – 1991, getting his PhD in 1992. He is member of the Swiss Association for Tick-borne Diseases, the German Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and the German Society for Medical Laboratory Specialists.

He is an Advisory Board member of AONM London, England, and Board member of German Borreliosis Society and Member and former Board Member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and has served as an expert on advisory committees on Lyme Disease in England, Australia, Canada, Ireland, France and Germany.


Monica Wilde, Lyme herbalistMonica runs the Lyme clinic at Napiers Bathgate CIC. She has a Masters Degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Lancaster. Exasperated by the negativity around herbal medicines and concerned about polypharmacy in our elders, she specialised in the beneficial concomitant prescribing of drugs, herbs and micronutrients with her thesis on herbs and omeprazole. She developed a protocol for the use of seaweed to correct iodine insufficiency with patients on levothyroxine and lectures on herbs, medicinal mushrooms and seaweeds.

Monica has had a lifelong love of plants – whether for medicine or foraging for supper - and is a Fellow of the Linnean Society. She is currently registering a clinical trial to collect and evaluate data on the herbal treatment of Lyme patients.

Monica is the organiser of this Herbal Lyme training seminar.

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