In Memory of Jan de Vries

Dee Atkinsonby Dee Atkinson
10 July 2015

With the passing of Jan de Vries, myself and fellow practitioners of complementary medicine, have lost one of the most knowledgable and compassionate healers of our time. Jan was one of the pillars of our art, the pillar that formed the foundation of the natural medicine business in the UK.

Jan de VriesIt is largely due to Jan's work - his tireless championing of natural medicine, as well as the way he brought so many different strands of medicine and healing together - that natural medicine has such a strong following today. 

As well as the thousands of patients that Jan helped, he also supported and encouraged many young practitioners, often giving them opportunities in his clinics and sharing his knowledge. Jan was also one of the most generous of people. Over the years he rescued a number of our old traditional herbal businesses, saving for posterity some of the most important remedies and formulations. 

One such business was Napiers the Herbalists, and twenty seven years ago, newly qualified, I was one of the young practitioners he helped. Over the years I have learnt so much from Jan, about plants and how to use them, about healing and about how to formulate. 

I owe so much to Jan, my mentor and my great friend. 

Thank you Jan.

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