Get Set, Go!

Patricia Clark Angels MacRitchiePatricia Clarke Dip. Nat. Nut.and
Angela MacRitchie Dip. Nat. Nut.

We are starting the Spring Equitox detox in earnest tomorrow morning. We're finally there and feeling amazingly positive! We are so looking forward to it. Our bodies feel spring in the air and are craving fresh greens, eager to shed the winter weight and freshen our whole system.

By now you will have downloaded the meal plan, supplement list and recipe book. The shopping is all in and we are ready to go! We are mentally prepared for the next 12 days, having discussed any obstacles we may encounter. Importantly, we've got the support of our friends and family to help us make this a success.

It can be helpful to keep in touch with Angela and Pat too when you are detoxing. Post your experiences on our Facebook page along the way and we can help out with advice, hints and tips to keep you motivated. Make a note of how you feel before and after the detox on specific areas: stress levels, energy levels, digestion, mood, cravings and sleep. Comparing them can be useful to see the benefits the detox has had for you. Sometimes going through a detox plan can be tough, so remember to focus on some of the wonderful benefits you may experience when it is over: fresh skin, clear mind … you might even lose a few pounds!

Keep this quote in mind when making changes to your diet and lifestyle: 

Success is the sum

Keep in mind that if you need anything from the supplement list, pop into the Napiers Glasgow shop on Cresswell Street or call 0141 339 5859 to order by phone. The staff are always eager to give advice and any help with choosing the right supplements and support you may need during the detox.

Good luck everyone. Here's to a happier, healthier springtime you!

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